Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TRUE CRIME TUESDAY For November 5. 2013

Man Refuses To Stop at McDonald's, Girlfriend Has Big Mac Attack!

The next time your significant other asks you to stop for fast food, think it over before you say no. One man did and his girlfriend ran him over with his own truck. The Hamburglar has nothing on this felonious female. According to the story in the Daily Mail, Crystal Brooks hit the gas after moving into the driver's seat and while her boyfriend was still standing in front of the truck. She struck him two more times, just for good measure.

Naturally, she told the police it was an accident. They weren't buying it, and she is now in county lockup on a $15,000 bond.

Intelligence Chairman Claims No Privacy Violations by NSA - You Didn't Know Anything!

According to Representative Mike Rogers, Chairman of the Congressional House Intelligence Committee, the NSA did NOT, in fact violate the privacy of millions of law abiding Americans,
simply because those citizens were unaware that their privacy was being violated!

This ranks up there with other famous contradictory statements by government officials, such as "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."  and ‎"We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it."

At the end of the video clip, Rogers suggests they discuss the idea further over a bottle of wine. Judging from the logic of his statement, I think it's quite possible he's already had one too many.

Man Arrested For Overdue Library Book

If you've ever returned a book late to your local library, better beware. Our lending institutions are cracking down on you scofflaws, as one unfortunate man discovered.  Jory Enck of Texas was arrested for failing to return a book he checked out three years ago.

I better check my nightstand. I think I may have a couple of overdue books. Is that a police car in my driveway?

Author Appearances

If you're in Panama City today, stop by the The Purple Grape on Beck Avenue. Michael Lister is having a book signing for his new thriller, Separation Anxiety.  

And Beth Groundwater is releasing a new mystery in her Claire Hanover series on November 8th, A Basket of Trouble. 

If you haven't read their work, check out these events and pick up their books. It would be a crime if you didn't.

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