Monday, May 13, 2013

Can Ending a Popular Fiction Series Unhinge Your Fans?

The Wall Street Journal has a video about the decision by Charlaine Harris to end the Sookie Stackhouse series. Aparently, a fan has leaked the latest novel in this series and some are upset that this could be the end of the popular fictional character. One deranged reader has reportedly even threatened suicide over the outcome. Is this for real?

As an author, I admit that my characters sometimes seem more life-like to me than a non-writer would understand, but when people makes threats against an author, they need to back off and check into rehab to deal with their withdrawl symptoms.

I've read a few fiction series that ended and I wished they could continue (Tolkien fans would understand this, among others). But life goes on. The Sookie Stackhouse series lasted for 13 novels, which is a lot longer than most do. We can celebrate that we have 13 to enjoy.

Unfortunately Ms. Harris isn't the first to discover that fans can be demanding. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle discovered this when he killed off Sherlock Holmes and then brought him back after fans howled their disappointment.

Check out the video here: Goodbye To Sookie Stackhouse?

Fictional Moms With Murder on Their Minds

Before Mother's Day fades into memory (until next year, that is) you might want to check out this list of fictional murderous moms, compliments of the Library Journal.

Among the new offerings, Kneading To Die by Liz Mugavero. Like Harry Truman said, if you can't stand the killers, stay out of the kitchen.

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