Monday, April 22, 2013

National Crime Victim's Rights Week Starts, and a Tip For Protecting Your ATM Card from Clever Thieves

This week marks the start of national Crime Victims' Rights Week, a time to recall those who have suffered from real crime. Those who have suffered from criminals who prey on the weak, the timid, the young or the naive, deserve our support. Check your local community bulletin board and local library for programs and events. You can also check out this link at the Justice Department: National Crime Victims' Rights Week. It had a resource guide available for download with tons of useful information and programs.
Think your PIN is safe because you didn't write it down? Think again. Criminals have ingenious ways of guessing your pin number, based on common habits and mistakes we all make when choosing our pin. Check out this article for practical tips: Protect yourself from Pin theft.

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