Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mystery News Update

Raymond Benson Interview with the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal
Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie is out. Besides heading to the theater, see this interview with Raymond Benson, Bond expert, and the author of The James Bond Bedside Companion as well as several authorized Bond novels.
Raymond Benson Interview

Beth Groundwater New Release
To Hell In A Handbasket has just been released in paperback, the second in the Claire Hanover series. Beth Groundwater has gotten some great reviews for this excellent cozy.  Go to her blog here for the latest news, interviews and a chance to win one of her mysteries in a contest.

The Birth of Sesame Street
It was on this day in 1969 that Sesame Street was first broadcast and quickly became loved by millions of children and adults alike. Although this is not strictly a mystery news story, I still think it's a crime that anyone would want to cut funding for Big Bird. The show was controversial early on with some people (Mississippi's Board of Education banned it due to the prominent use of black characters). Read more about how Sesame Street was born on todays web edition of The Writer's Almanac.

Church Auction
And finally, St. Patrick's Church in North Kansas City is holding it's annual auction to raise money. If you're in Kansas City, stop by. You'll have a chance to bid on a donated copy of my novel, and help a good cause at the same time.

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