Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vince Flynn - The Dangerous Author For Boys

I haven't read a lot by Vince Flynn, but I was familiar with him and his books. He's very popular with male readers, for obvious reasons. Even busy executives.  A friend of mine who owns a large IT company and who doesn't have much time to read, except magazines, does have a bunch of Flynn's novels laying around the house.

And that got me to thinking. If we want to get our sons to read more (and who doesn't), Vince Flynn might be the perfect author. Boys and teens love adventure. A couple of years ago, The Dangerous Book For Boys came out and became a big hit. But I'm talking fiction here. Maybe, if we want our sons to read more, we should give them Vince Flynn's novels. This might get them between the covers of a book more often. We could nurture a whole new generation of readers. And then Vince would never die...not really.

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