Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Daughter Tracks Down Her Father's Killer

26 years after her father was murdered in Brooklyn, a daughter has given her family a Father's Day present by tracking down the killer. What makes this story all the more amazing? The cops had hit a dead end in the case, and it was colder than an iceberg.

Joselyn Martinez began her search after social media began to explode on the internet about ten years ago. As she said to the Daily News in an interview, "I wanted to become a prosecutor in college. But then I decided to do what I really wanted to. How could I prosecute other cases when my father's was unsolved?"

After turning over her findings to the police, she was recently told that the suspect is now in custody. Read more about this amazing woman and devoted daughter here.

Senators Skip Classified Briefing on NSA's Spy Program PRISM

The rest of the country seems glued to news stories surrounding the NSA spying and data collection, but not our own legislators. Despite a scheduled classified hearing on the program last Thursday, not open to ordinary Americans, dozens of Senators couldn't wait to dash out the door for a long weekend. According to a story by the Atlantic Wire, "The only senator who confirmed their attendance was Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein. She really had no choice, given her position, and she was furious about the low turnout."

Maybe we need an ordinary American to start a program of spying on the Senate. Wonder if anyone could sneak into one of those hearings disguised as a Senator? There seems to be no shortage of empty seats, at least. Any volunteers out there?

Wildlife Poachers have a New Enemy - Unmanned Drones

As organized gangs threaten to wipeout elephants and rhinos in Africa for the illegal ivory and medicinal trade, park rangers have a new tool in their arsenal. Drones are being introduced in an effort to keep track of poachers across the vast wilderness in national parks, some of which cover tens of thousands of square miles. NPR has a great article on the development, Rangers Turn to Drones To Catch Poachers.

Former Nazi Commander Discovered in U.S., Germany, Poland Show Interest in Extradition

It's been a quiet spring in Minnesota these past few days, but not for Michael Karkoc. The former carpenter living in Minneapolis stands accused of being a commander of a vicous SS squad that murdered thousands of civilians in World War II. According to a story in the Christian Science Monitor, Mr. Karkoc, who is in his mid-90s, could have his US citizenship revoked and be deported. If the evidence of his involvement in wartime atrocities is strong enough, he could also face war-crimes prosecution in Germany or Poland.

Governor Vetoes Background Check Bill, Convicted Felon says "Thanks"

A new law passed by the Nevada legislature, which would have made it harder for mentally ill people to buy a gun, has been vetoed by Governor Brian Sandoval who was quoted saying that it would "do little to prevent criminals from unlawfully obtaining firearms."

Meanwhile, The Courant has published a letter to the editor from a convicted felon currently residing at a super max prison in Colorado, thanking opponents of firearm background checks. He says, in part, "I fully anticipate being able to stop at a gun show on my way home...in order to buy some with which to resume my criminal activities."

Let's hope someone reads this letter at his next parole hearing. The convict's parole hearing, not the governor's.

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