Thursday, June 6, 2013


Like most writers, I have a day job, so I try to keep track of what the market is like, where it's going, and try to pick up career tips from newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. But I think the editors had their tongues in their cheeks when they wrote this article, speculating on typical interview questions we've all heard (and sometimes been stumped by). How might they be answered by famous figures throughout history? Take a look. This is my personal favorite:

Interviewer: "Why should we hire you instead of the other highly qualified candidate?"
Answer:  "I don't think my brother's going to make it to the interview today." (Cain)

These were fun, too:

Describe your worst boss. "My boss used to murder his wives and then ask me to write the press release explaining why Anne Boleyn or Kathryn Howard would not be at the costume ball that Friday. It was a very tricky situation and required a lot of finesse on the part of yours truly." (Thomas Cromwell)

Do you take work home with you? "Well, duh! I mean, I am a spy." (Mata Hari)

What sort of compensation are you looking for? What would it take to make you happy? "Booty would be nice. Swag, booty, what have you. Ill-gotten gains would also be okay." (Genghis Khan)

What have you learned from your mistakes? "For best results, stay out of Russia, especially in December." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

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