Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TRUE CRIME TUESDAY for July 9, 2013

Act Like A Lady, Will Ya?

A woman who was arrested for public drunkenness and resisting arrest has been ordered by the judge to write an essay on being a lady. According to the Virginian PilotChief District Court Judge Brenda Branch placed Toni King on probation and ordered her to write a two-page paper titled "How a Lady Should Behave in Public." She also can't drink alcohol while on probation, which may be the harshest part of the sentence. It could have been worse. She could have gotten a year in jail. And that's reason enough to celebrate. Drinks anyone?

Two Year Old Girl Killed By Her Brother. No Crime Here, Move along People.

In most states, killing a toddler with a rifle is a crime...except in Kentucky, where 2 year old Caroline Sparks was killed by her brother with a Crickett rifle, who received the gun as a gift, according to the Courier Press. The prosecutor for Cumberland County, Jesse Stockton, pointed out that the gun was legally purchased and given to Kristian Sparks, who is five years old.

Crickett rifles are marketed to children under the phrase "My First Rifle".

Happy 4th of July Chicago! (except for the 70 gunshot victims...sorry about that...really!)

More than 70 people were shot over the holiday weekend in Chicago, including a 5 year old boy, who was shot in South Side Park while watching the fireworks display, according to an article by Jennifer Lai. As of Saturday, the city has recorded 200 homicides, which is actually an improvement over last year. By this time in 2012, 275 people had been murdered. 

In contrast, during the height of gangland violence in 1928 during Prohibition, 399 people were killed. That's lower than the murder rate for most of the past ten years in Chicago. But then again, Al Capone always did say he was just "a businessman".

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