Tuesday, May 28, 2013

True Crime Tuesday: If You're A Burglar, Don't Dial 911

From the Crime blog over at Slate comes this story of two hapless burglars who were caught after breaking into a car because one of them sat on his cell phone, which dialed 911. The dispatcher wisely listened in for 35 minutes and directed police to their location. After committing the crime, they were surprised to discover a police car tailing them, and they were arrested shortly afterwards, where the cops explained how wonderful technology can be.

The blog also explains how to avoid butt dialing 911, which could be useful for us non-criminals as well.  Get all the details here: Help, I've dialed 911 and now I need a lawyer!

You can also get advice on how to tell if your favorite bar is swaping out the good liquor for some no-name brand (Operation Swill) and news on a study that links marijuana to criminal activity (hope they didn't spend too much money on that one, but what the hell...it's only your tax dollars).

Actually, according to slate's blog, the link is pretty weak...except of course, for the nearly 60,000 people murdered in Mexico's drug war over the past six years. Guess we don't count foreigners. After all, the study was done with American tax dollars.

Update: Apparently, some government workers didn't get the last memo from the White House about professional behavior. The last uproar occurred in 2012 when some secret service agents were sent home from South America after becoming entangled in a prostitution scandal. Now comes word that two of the men shot outside a Venezuela strip club on Tuesday were American Embassy employees. Both of the victims are expected to live, but they'll face a lot of unwarranted attention in the fallout from this latest fiasco. Seems like working for the government has its perks. The pay may be low, but the fringe benefits are pretty spicy. Where can I apply for one of these jobs?

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