Friday, May 24, 2013


As we get ready to roll into the holday weekend, here's a few news items of interest, including a video on How To Keep The FBI From Reading Your Email...Cause They Don't Need A Warrant:

Poe's Deadly Daughters Celebrate May Mystery Month
Thanks to Julia Buckley, I now know that lots of great writers have birthdays in May. Check out her entertaining post by clicking on May Mystery Month.

Mystery Novels Set In Africa
Three new mysteries are coming our way from the dark continent, compliments of the Seattle Times, Out Of Africa.

The June 1st deadline is fast approaching for the Claymore Award submissions. Unpublished crime manuscripts by new authors could get you a book advance and publication, maybe an agent as well. Click here for details: Claymore Award

The Guardian has a collection of reviews this weekend featuring women's mystery fiction including Paula Daly's debut novel about a lost child in Just What Kind of Mother Are You?

And finally, a teen discusses the mysterious power that mirrors hold over her in Quiet Obsessions.

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