Tuesday, August 6, 2013

True Crime Tuesday for August 6, 2013

Marijuana Crops Play Havoc with Wildlife

Although consuming marijuana is legal in California, the actions of some pot growers are not, according to an article in the New York Times.  Growers have been poisoning rare wildlife in their efforts to protect their cash crops from bears, rats and deer. Using d-Con and other illegal pesticides have had a devestating effect on the environment, and so much water has been siphoned off from local rivers that populations of Coho salmon are threatened. Ironically, many people who support the decriminalization of marijuana support green causes. Yet they are unaware of the effects that growers have in the ecosystem of California.

The Limits Of DNA

Could DNA contamination lead to false convictions? It almost did in the case of Lukis Anderson, who was arrested for the murder of Raveesh Kumra based on DNA found on the victim's body. Yet Anderson was in the hospital at the time of the murder. After five months in jail, prosecutors realized that the paramedics who took Anderson to the hospital were the same ones who responded to the crime scene where Mr. Kumra was killed. In another case, German police realized after 15 years that their prime suspect in a serial killer case was a factory worker whose DNA contaminated the cotton swabs used to collect evidence in 6 murders across Germany and Austria.

The Reader's Digest Guide To Crime

It had to happen eventually. Reader's Digest has come out with a condensed guide for criminals. Among the  tips in their guide, don't point your finger at a convenience store clerk and expect him to think it's a loaded gun.

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